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Question about fogs and RS bumpers

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I was wondering if the fogs for the RS bumper have to be a certain kind so they will mount properly or if any will do? Also, if anyone has done an L to RS conversion, did you need any new hardware to put the front bumper on? If so, what? Thanks in advance! :D
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You need a bunch of stuff. :)

off the top of my head - you'll need the bumper skin. the bumper beam. the turn signals. the orange vents. the fog lights. and if you're doing the hood from a pre-97? you'll need the grill, hood, hood vents, hood scoop, and both headlights. Isn't that fun?

Oh. Fog lights - get the Kartboy adapter to run the Hella 500s or the Piaa xt 80 pro or whatever they are.
I knew about the beam, skin, fogs, and signals, but I forgot about the vents. Thanks! I was actually wondering if any new nuts or bolts were required, or if all the L stuff would work fine. On the fogs, I want to know if I could go buy any old 6" foglights and use them or if they have to be a certain style. Do you know about any of that? Thanks! :D
I'm pretty sure the fogs can be any old ones if you get the Kartboy mounts.

And IIRC all of the clips from the L bumper swap over to the RS bumper. has the swap kit and I think they tell you the clips work fine.
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