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Question about differences in curb weights

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I know the GC8 2.5RS curb weight is around 2830 lbs. But what is the curb weight of the GDA 2.5RS and the WRX? Thanks

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And the winners are...

2002 RS:
Manual= 2965 lbs
Auto= 3020 lbs

2002 WRX:
Manual= 3085 lbs
Auto= 3140 lbs
I'm almost positive Curb weight is the weight of the whole car *d'oh* including all the fluids (fuel, coolant, wiper fluid, etc.). I'd say just run the car always with 1 gallon of fuel and lose a few pounds off my ass for an extreme lightweight car. :p The person you're racing won't know what hit 'em!
wow, almost a 250 lb weight difference between MT 99 RS and a MT 02 WRX :eek:

Yes, for a 250% increase in torsional rigidity. The car didn't get heavier for no reason guys :) The GC8 chassis vault tight and very stiff and the WRX is much stiffer still. Guess where the extra 100kg came from? :)
no sunroof - less weight, stiffer body
side airbags - more weight
aluminum hood - less weight
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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