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Question about diff. fluid change

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I was wondering if you are supposed to clean the diff's out with anything when changing fluids? I know they have the magnetic drain plugs but I was wondering if anything else is necessary? Also, what is the best value on higher-end stuff and what is the best regardless of price. Finally, can somebody tell me what differences I could expect if I switched to a synthetic? Thanks. :)
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Yep, 75W-90 for both. I didn't flush either out when I changed fluids, and I don't think there would be anything to allow to do that, but I could be wrong.
Make sure to do allot of research when picking a tranny fluid. I bought NEO 75W-90HD, and now it seems like my 1st gear syncro doesn't spin for sh*t.:curse: I think I'll try redline next, I've heard that it works well in our cars. But then again, NEO was supposed to be the best, so who knows...
horatio - Where'd you get the mount, and for how much? Did you install it yourself, was it a PITA? Thanks
horatio102 said:
Loomis - Unfortunately tonight I found the first gear grindies again. Hmm. I'm just going to have to adjust my driving so that I don't go for first until I'm stopped. Next time I change the tranny fluid I'll try a different brand.
Damn, sorry to hear that. I'll probably get the mounts anyways. I take it that the shifter doesn't wobble around anymore right? Like under hard acceleration.

Kickin_81: I put MT-90 in my last car, and I think it prematurely wore something out because I was getting all kinds of odd noises, and I later discovered that a few other people had the same problem. So it totally figures that MT-90 would work well with my scooby:rolleyes:. Cobb has way more experience than me, so I'll probably go MT-90 next time. At least I don't need to mail order it...
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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