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Q for those who installed aftermarket suspension regarding brakes

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Hi its been a while since I installed my Cusco Zero 2R coilovers, and I'mstarting to realize that my brakes don't feel...right. When I brake w/ med-strong force, I don't get pushed against the seatbelt as much as I did w/ the stock suspension. It could be that since the spring rates are much higher on these compared to stockers, I'm not experiencing the dive during braking. It doesn't make me feel safe... It could be that my brake pads are starting to go (15kmiles on it). How often does the stock pads need to be replaced? I rarely slam on the brakes... And I doubt it's a problem w/ the brake lines, because i didn't take them out during the install... hmmm

Oh and thanks in advance.
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it might very well be less dive like you suggested. also, if you're worried, try bleeding the brakes. IIRC you do have to undo the brake line to replace the struts. if you didn't bleed them afterwards then you are lucky that your brakes haven't failed alltogether.
hmm... I didn't undo the brake line when installing, i just chopped off the bracket on the strut body. I didn't damage the brake lines during the install, so like you said it probably is less dive. Ill see what happens... Thanks!:)
What do you think the new suspension did to your car...just made it lower? All that suspension movement you had before should be gone since you put the "good" suspension, including the unwanted brake dive. When the car dives the weight shifts to the front and the rears "can" try to catch the front. If you want the brake dive "go back to stock";)

Your brakes may need to be bled, the rubber lines replaced with braided stainless and the fluid replaced with "real brake fluid" (Motul or...). Check to see that the dry boiling temperature is higher than 500 degrees and if the fluid has come in contact with air (how could it not unless it was put in your system in a negative pressure environment)it is now probably "wet" which reduces the effectivity greatly...see lable.
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