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Q for those who installed aftermaket suspension

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Hi Ive just received a set of coilovers and wanted to ask you about brake lines. When you take them off the stock struts, what do you do? I have heard that either you disconnect them, or cut the bracket holding the brake line, so you would save a lot of time. How did yo do yours? Thanks in advance
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For my front struts I just cut the bracket holding the break line. However for the rear struts I can't remember the exact problem anymore because it has been so long but I could not do it. From what I remember I had no chose but to take the rear break lines off and I did not want to do that. I do not have any experience with ABS breaks and I did not want to screw it up. So I just had a local shop do my rear struts. I am sure there is a way but I just did not know how. I hope you find an answer for your rear stusts but if nothing else do what I did.

Good luck
We cut the brackets on front and rear, and didn't have any problems. Bleeding the brakes is just a prolonging pain in the ass that takes too long unneccessarily. Just cut the brackets and go from there.
If you're smart, you'll actually cut the middle out of the bracket with a cut-off tool of some sort - just big enough that the brake line will pass through it (not the fitting; just the rubber line) on both the front and ear. This way the retaining clip can be re-used.

I don't have photos, so this drawing will have to do. ;)

The black is the strut house, the blue is the brake line (which has a fitting which the clip slides into and hold it still, and the red is the part you cut out. Basically. Don't cut too much or else the clip won't work.

This is on my MY00 RS, BTW, others *might* be different. :confused:

Hope that helps! :D


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We cut the bracket with a hacksaw, then bent it with visegrips, did the same on the replacements and bent it back. When I installed my brake lines I had to bleed them by myself. I don't want to do that again until I HAVE to. But ABS is nothing to be afraid of. Just bleed and fill. Don't let air bubbles go into the tubes and you'll be fine.
i dunno since im anal I refused to cut my brackets so I took the lines off.

it took me 3 hours to do my full suspension (ver 5) install, including bleeding the brakes, wich probaby took an extra 5 minutes.

dont know if thats long or not....I think its pretty quick, considering a it took my twice that time to do just struts on a ford contour (first time),the job did pay 8 hours though....ughhh poooo :barf:
Do SS Brake Lines while your at it

I just installed the Prodrive suspension and I also upgraded my brake lines to SS.

I would recommend doing the new brake lines while your at it. It's added performance for only $100
I agree the smartest thing to do would be to switch to stainless lines at the same time.

Anyway we just cut the bracket in one place and bent it out of the way.

I even just reused my RS suspension on the Forester and did it the same way. I bent the bracket back into place and put the clip back in.

You should hire nick dickitt he was dremeling my struts to perfection :lol:
Did you find that the RS suspension made an incredible difference on the Forester?

The reason I ask is that I took my RS (kyb/eibach) in for warranty work and they gave me a MY01 Forester w/15k miles on it as a loaner car, and it felt like I was driving around in mom's old '78 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser. The thing was a boat. It wallowed and rolled in the corners like a deep-V narrow hulled yacht. It suffered the worst brake-dive this side of my parent's old '89 Grand Caravan. I couldn't believe how completely loose the thing was. I think maybe somebody had been jumping it and the struts were all blown.

Or is this normal?
Thanks guys. I took out the bracke linw bracket with pliers and then used metal cutter to chop the bracket off. Ill post a thread about my suspension install soon so stay tuned:)
My bf put his suspension on last year and they just cut the bracket holding them brake line. they didn't disconnect the brake line. It saved a hell of a lot of time.
I don't think that is normal for the Forrester. The last ride I had in one was when my brother-in-law was test driving one. It was quite the test drive. I thought it felt just like my car only taller. It had none of the horribleness you describe. It was the "S" version as opposed to the "L", though I don't know if that made a difference.

Come to think of it, that 2001 Forester was cushy like my old '92 Legacy Wagon after 7 years and 120k miles on the stock struts.
if you want to lower your Forrestor, just use GC8 RS suspension. it will give about 2.5" drop and still rides comfortable.
You don't trust me fool? I know more than you think! :boxer:
Hey Al why are you in Toronto? You're not in Toronto...
Remember who offered you their free garage and free labour while you were installing those coilovers.:checkit: Oh and I am from Toronto so you gotta represent.:biggest: :biggest: By the way, Impretzel's coilovers are pretty damn nice, thinking of getting a set this summer. mmmmm ohlins to bad I have no money.
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