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White 2001 2.5RS Sedan
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Hi all! So I'm almost done with my 2002 WRX -> 2001 RS swap and the pull type clutch confounds me. I think I have the throw out bearing clipped into the clutch as I gave it the authoritative smack outlined in the 02/03 WRX clutch install thread and the click happened like it should. Now, I'm trying to bleed the clutch system as I kept my RS master and swapped the line and slave from my WRX, but something doesn't seem right. The return spring pulls the same way that the slave pushes which is what confuses me the most, and there's a gap between the anvil of the slave and the clutch fork if I push back against the slave. If I press the pedal the anvil extends and touches the fork as I imagine it should, but the system still needs more bleeding. Can anyone give me some tips on making this all work or tell me what's definitely right or definitely wrong?

Any help is greatly appreciated and I have pictures or videos at the ready for anyone willing to offer assistance but wants a visual representation.

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