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Prosoco 600
caution, this is supposed to be some strong stuff... no skin contact or inhaling. As mentioned in another thread, use thick chemical gloves, eye protection, and keep a lot of water handy...

My rims had some real nasy stuff on it, off the shelf cleaners were not cutting it. I came across hwy61 's thread and decided to give it a try.

Wiped some on... with a paper towel, and hosed of regularly. I tried a wheel brush, but it was more bulky and didnt really help that much more.

Dirty wheel

The contenders

Prosoco 600

Inside the rim
Left: Hot rims - Didnt even make a dent...even with a bit of elbow grease
Middle:Eagle1 Mag - Was able to get some of the nasty off with good scrubbing, but it sat for a while while i tried scrubbing a section in the front.
Right:prosoco - Dabbed on a paper towel with some light rubbing (I used thick rubber gloves)

Wiped around the whole inside. SOme of the big tar chuks didnt come off.

Cleaned front and inside

Cleaned and waxed

Dirty rear for comparison
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