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Hi All,

I hope you are having a nice day!

My Background:
So this is going to be the start of my 1999 2.5RS build. I have been in the Subaru game for 10 years now, and built a couple cars. I am no expert with Subaru's, or car's for that matter. However! fear not... I want to learn, and grow. So here is what I have done. My first major project was building a 2013 WRX (mistake, should have bought an STi) into an STi. I blew the engine 18k miles into the car's life and decided that I would build it, and for go the warranty long block Subaru wanted to put into it. I had it build by a recommended shop and got it back as a long block void of everything else. I installed all the peripherals and got the car back on the road. Between the mods and E85, it was putting out somewhere around 400 WHP. Too much for a 5 speed. So I quickly sourced a nice 6 speed from Ebay. I installed that and absolutely loved the new gear ratios and more flexibility in how I wanted to drive the car.

The second project... Well, was my first ground up build. I stripped a 2001 2.5RS and built it into a full blown STi, Engine, trans, brembo brakes. I had the engine built by another recommended shop, and went bigger with everything. It had a full suspension under it, Fortune Auto Coils, Whiteline everything... This car was a ton of fun... however, it did not last long...The car was in an accident with a Corvette, that ended up bending the back half of the car up pretty bad.

I decided to abandon that body and source another one... and that will bring you to current day. Here is my 1999 2.5RS... It has a bright future. I plan on switching all the old parts I could salvage onto the new car.

Plans for this Build:


Source + build EJ207 (high rev setup) / Re-use EJ257 (less likely)
Clean transmission case & Paint
Reuse Mods from last car (pictured below)
Front Mount Intercooler (TMIC before)
Need to pick a Turbo

My biggest questions is if I go to an EJ207, will I be able to use my EJ257 EL headers, Intake manifold... I would assume ...Yes.


Stock Intake Manifold
Stock throttle body
Larger MAF housing / Ram air intake (if rotated, will go another route)
Custom P&L Equal Length Header (will have to be modified for rotated setup)
Injector Dynamics 2000 c.c. Injectors
Injector Dynamics Fuel Rail Kit
Injector Dynamics Fuel Regulator
8an feed lines / 6an return lines
Turbo (Need suggestions, what would you guys run?)
Original Coil Packs
Mishimoto Radiator
Mishimoto Fan Shroud


Repair damaged Coilovers
Replace some damaged bushings (lateral links, rear end-links)
Re-paint and repair, and re-use parts from last car

Brake System:

Wilwood Superlite Big Brake Kit (Needs rebuild and powder coat)
Brembo Rear Brakes (Needs rebuild and powder coat)
2 piece Rear Rotors


Fix faux passenger side frame rail (someone tried to lift the car from it)
Fix rust on drivers side quarter panel
Fix surface rust around windows/pillar
Paint Hood
Paint Car
Remove sound insulation from interior
Sand Interior
2k Prime Interior
Seal Interior / Something durable like truck liner but lighter
Paint Cage
Make firewall for between trunk and rear seat
Redo headliner? (need to look into if I can get it out at this point with cage in car)
Re-install Carpet, Dash, Seats (might change), Quick Disconnect Steering wheel, Sparco Steering Wheel
Fuel Cell in trunk

I am sure I will think of more and add it here.

What I want to learn:
I want to learn how to weld, and work with sheet metal to make things like the firewall I listed in my build. How to diagnose electric problems better.

How to create extremely captivating episodes, engaging in car builds, car art, racing, and really anything automotive.

Direction for my channel after Project : RSTi:
I would like to buy salvage cars/wrecked cars that can still be brought back. I want to start with something like a BMW M3, or Audi RS3.

CLICK HERE : Phoenix Fabrication YouTube Channel


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i just started following your instagram today randomly
Aww Cool! I am new to all this social media stuff. Im excited though. I always have my nose in a car, and friends suggested I share my life of cars, so I am trying it out. Thanks for the follow!
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