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Anyone want to help out HotImprezaChick??

She needs rear sway bar mounts and rear arms with mounts.

Struts, stock RS would do if they're in good condition.

Spring, stock springs out of a RS, a WRX, or even a Forester
(she wants to raise it anyway).

If anyone wants to contribute to the project let me know.

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[email protected] SUBARU said:
Shyguy, Yes those are the arms she needs. I have 1 side and still need the other side. Let me know if you have them.
I have them... but they're on my car.

Want me to let you know when I get the chance to install my STI lateral links?

GimmeScoobySnacks said:
she has an L dude, RS suspension is better then her stock L suspension. :sputter:
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