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I can't help but think the difference between your 9.12 and an 8.9 second pass is all in your suspension. You're bobbing so much off the line and at shifts; it really looks like you're loosing some opportunity to put power down.

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The car is a handful to say the least.
Launches like a bat out of hell. Extremely violent.
Added a switch that actually will keep 1st and 2nd gear at about 28psi.
36lbs+ in 1st and 2nd lets just say was a little intense.
Eventually will launch it at full power, but need practice first.

lookin like you need more tire ben.
Had some slipstream 15x7s with M&H full slicks on before. Unfortunately did not work out because of the offsets.
So temporarily using some RPF-1 with 16 inch Hoosier QTPs.
When I have some income saved up will be going for a set of Volk TE37SL wheels in 15.
Even with what i have now, dont need anymore tire. In 4th gear at the end of the track, im only at 7500RPM.
Still has a lot of room left uptop
1081 - 1100 of 1432 Posts