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Drag 00 Impreza 2.5 RSTI
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So finally did it. Got tired of Fwd and went awd. Bought myself a 2000 Subaru 2.5RS

UPDATE (11/19/15)

NEW for 2016:

Change a few things over to make the car more reliable and to be able to compete with the big guys out there.

Care package from our friends over at Rigoli in Australia

6speed out of the car and auto going in

Battery cutoff installed to meet NHRA regulations

Added a little shot of nitrous to help spool up on the line.

Picked up a set of BBS stockers and M&H drag radials to putter around town in...

Some logging to make sure everything is ok

For 2016 will be making quite a few changes.
Been eye balling the precision 7685 T4. Looks to be the turbo Ill be going with. Redoing my remote mount turbo kit to all T4. Most imporantly going to a full radiaor mounted in the back for the best cooling possible. Last but not least back to an air-air intercooler. The AWIC has been less than successful for us over these last few years.

Over the last few years have been building and rebuilding my project RSTi slowly moving towards my ideal build.

You learn fairly quickly that doing it yourself usually isn't the best method to achieving your goals. Its normal to ask for help.
In this instance, it was a no brainer.

New turbo picked up
Block came in the mail
Motor/heads back in the car
Custom Remote Mount Turbo manifold
Rims n slicks
Tubed front end
Cage work + Chute + Driveshaft loop + Scatter shield

Brakeman Drag Brakes
6MT Dogbox
Motor 1st start up
Dyno time
World Record 1/4 Pass
DSport Magazine Feature Article

2000 Subaru Impreza RSTI


Aerosim CF roof
Carbon hood
Carbon Trunk
Carbon doors
1/8" Lexan replacing all glass
Sti rear tail lights

AIM Pista Digital Dash
AEM Wideband
Sparco Steering Wheel
Kirkey drag seat
Sparco 6 Point Camlock harness
NHRA chromoly drag cage (8.5 cert)

STM Custom Spec D2 Drag coilovers
TSSFAB Front subframe
TSSFAB Rear subframe
TSSFAB Trailing Arms
Whiteline Camber bolts
GC Aluminum control arms

TRP Rigoli Drag Auto
DSS Pro-level rear axles
DSS stg 5 front axles
DSS CF driveshaft
ARP Extended Wheel Studs + DSS hubs
STM chromoly transmission cradle + Diff mount

Brake Man Storm Drag brake system
TRP Transbrake
STM ABS Delete

VOLK TE37SL 15x8

M&H 26x8.5x15 Drag Slicks

TRP Rigoli Drag Spec Shortblock
KillerB oil pickup
KillerB Baffle
KillerB V2 oil pan
STM custom aluminum catch can

Cylinder Head
257 B25s
STM Spec Drag Heads
Cosworth manifold
Cosworth TGV deletes
Skunk2 72mm TB
Stage 5 PnP

STM Custom Fuel cell
Weldon Drag fuel setup
Prototype FIC Fuel Rails
FIC 2150 Injectors

New for '16 Precision 7685 T4
Tial 44mm wastegate
Tial 50mm bov
Custom STM Forward facing turbo kit
STM AWIC w/ice box




TRP Rigoli Performance TRP | Tony Rigoli Performance

Torque Solutions Torque Solution Is Your Manufacturer of Billet Engine Mounts. We Also Carry Shifter Bushings And Polyurethane Components.

Detective Coating Detective Coatings

TK Race Heads TK Race Heads

Fuel Injector Clinic Fuel Injector Clinic

Camber Clothing Camber Clothing

Marcus Transformer Marcus Transformer of Canada

Timeslip from the record making pass.

Old video:

Few Highlights:


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98 Impreza 3.4L Turbo
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I built a quick release mount so I can take it off when Im at the track or taking pics. Street driving the IC doesnt get hot enough to matter, and I beat on it on the street.

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Drag 00 Impreza 2.5 RSTI
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Retuned my tec3 today...put a 1 bar spring in my wastegate today. Going to be running 15psi of boost today...giggity..
After the winter when i have the sti tranny and cp pisons in, it will be closer to 25...
and maybe a twin scroll 35r

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Drag 00 Impreza 2.5 RSTI
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Went to the strip last night.
Took it way too easy on the tranny...

Ran like ass...
13.9 @ 105mph

Next time...getting my secndary rev limiter working...less gas in the tank...and not sleep at the light...

Hoping for .5 off my reaction tme and .5 off my 60 foot....
aiming for the low 13s and maybe if im really luck high 12s...without breaking the rs tranny...


Doing the sti drivetrain swap over the winter so she only needs to last another 2 months before she's in the garage for the season. Strip once a we'll see if she lasts

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Drag 00 Impreza 2.5 RSTI
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We'll thats it...
Tranny blew to pieces today...

Ran 12.1 on the rs tranny today at low boost

On my third run of the night the tranny went...1st and 2nd destroyed.

Next season....think im going to do ppg 1,2,3,4 and 5 stock...
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