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Flatout Suspension
C57i Coilover
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The C57i coilovers include all of the features from the C57 model, and then turns the dial up a notch. By using an inverted shock cartridge, the damper fluid is moved away from heat areas such as the braking system or in some cases, exhaust systems to avoid overheating the fluid and causing damper fatigue under extended use. We have done a lot of testing; both high and low speed to measure fatigue and internal heat with great results. The inverted setup handles side loads better and is more durable under extended use, such as in rally applications. Another advantage is the reduction of unsprung weight by moving the heaviest portion away from the hub area. This coilover is best suited for rally, drift and time attack, but is compliant enough for street use.

Single adjustable Compression/ rebound adjustment
20 step dampening
Steel monotube construction
57mm Shock cartridge
Inverted piston
Adjustable height spring perches
Adjustable height lower mounts
High Pressure nitrogen charged
Spherical bearing upper mounts
Camber Adjustable on McPhearson
Vehicle specific rates
2.5" linear rate springs
Customizable spring rates
Damping sweep for front 900~336 springs, rear 600~250

Review on RS25 : CLICK HERE
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