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The rollover valve should not affect installation. I personally have installed a 2005 STI tank in my car and it bolted up no issue.

I used RS tank straps, however the tank straps are the same anyway. The only difference is the additional studs for the larger heatshield/rock guard mounted under the STI tank. The straps are marked LH and RH so make sure you are using the correct one on each side.

Start with the two front bolts on the tank straps and then use the longer rear bolts to draw it up into position. It is a tight fit, and the tank is meant to touch the unibody during install, and as such needs to be drawed into position mechanically.
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Keep the emissions equipment for the year of vehicle (e.g. 2001 RS evap equipment swapped over to STI tank). It makes things much simplier and does not have negative performance impacts. The internals of the STI tank will not matter.
your underbody looks very clean lol
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