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Problem with my Kartboy

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I had finished installing the short shifter, it went in ok I suppose, but then I tried to screw on my shiny new "Knuckleball", and no dice. It just spins, clock-wise, and counter, I can't feel the top thread catch at all. The knuckleball screws onto the old stick, and the old knob screws onto the new stick, but the combination that counts, doesnt work. Before it went in, the new knob did screw onto the short shifter.

So what I think happened is when I had to hit the top of the stick to pop it into the ball socket, I must have compressed the top threads, and the new knob is machined to closer tolerances then the OEM knob.

Anyone have any suggestions?
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sounds like ya mushroomed the tip to me...get a die and retap's about the only way to fix it...did you hit it directly?? I put a board between the shifter and hammer.
yeah, I hit it directly, with a mini-sledge:run:yeah, not the brightest idea.

I went out to buy a nut and try to clean up the threads with that, but I couldnt find anything with the correct thread pitch, I guess I'll have to buy a proper tap and die set.
ick...hopefully you didn't mushroom it too badly...good luck.
If you can't find the correct tap/die, email Tom and see if you can mail it back and have them do it. Or maybe the shipping would be cheaper than buying the die anyway.
Bummer sounds like you buggered the top threads. Here is the correct pitch if you can get a tap and die for it. 12 X 1.25mm if it's not too bad you may be able to use a fine file and repair it but my guess is if you hit it directly, metal to metal it may be too far gone.
Orrrrrrrrrrrr,,,,,,,,,,,take it to a good machine shop.Take the ball too.Tell em what you want done.The can do it ,rather cheaply i would assume.
Ah yes. The DIY mod: File the top 1/16" off the lever. OR place the knob on top of the lever, and grab that mini-sledge again. :boxer:
i did the same thing today and the sad part is the way i got it on required no hammering :( they need to send "test" levers so people can experiment before they put the real one in :D . the knuckleballs should have plastic threading instead of metal, to allow a little play :curse:

It was a PITA, but she's on. I had to re-cut the top threads with a die, then I just brute forced it on the rest of the way. (sorry about the nasty picture quality.)


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yeah, yeah, I learned my lesson...
or screw the stock knob on a few threads, put a towel over the knob and smack it with your hand....thats what I do :D

I was gonna suggest the "screw on the old knob & hit it with a mallet" idea... Jay, ya beat me to it...

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