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Problem when feeling up gas!!

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Problem when filling up gas!!

I dont know whats the problem, but my car whenever i try to fill it up with gas, i can`t do it fast because the trigger on the fuel pump always comes up and stops pumping, so you cant fill it up fast, and i have to fill it up really slowly.
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I can't feel up the gas either. It's slippery. :)

But the pump shutoff would be annoying. Have you tried putting the nozzle in, then tipping the handle upward at the back, like you're pouring a glass of water or something? That helps me fill the truck up faster. 30 gallons is a bugger, and when it clicks off all the time it's worse. If I don't tip the handle up the pump won't shut off until I have gas all over my shoes too (makes the drive home more fun though).
Ugh. Gas on paint is as bad as a bird's diet on your paint. Wipe it off. My Scooby's paint on the bottom inside of the gas area has the paint very dull from gasoline deposits sitting for a bit and me wiping it off. Don't try that at home folks!

Back to the subject. Could it be the gas stations's pumps? Mine always clicks when I'm full. If you look, there's a little trigger inside the gas nozzle to stop the fuel from overflowing.
Actually it's the truck the spews on me... and I do wash it off if it isn't raining. If it's raining I don't worry about it.
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