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Ok, I drove my car this morning and everything was running as usual. The temp was around 40. I got into my car this afternoon and started it up, It started, and then stalled out (I was in nuetral, foot still on the clutch). So I started it again and my RPMs shot way up to 30000, then dipped way below 10000 which is not normal at all. The temperature at this time was prolly around 55-60. Anyone know what the hell could have caused this? My car is an 02 and has about 3500 miles. I checked all fluids and they were fine. Any ideas?

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That could be anything, or nothing at all. Possibly the gas you are using, or something that is covered under warranty. Keep track if it does it again so you can explain to the dealer.

And consider getting some other brand of gas for now?

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When I start mine up I usually idle at about 1500 until I give it a bit of gas... mine's always done it... but 3500 sounds a bit high... a lot of things that could be though. Should take it somewhere that does free estimates... or if you haven't done much... take it to the dealership. Should fall under warrenty...

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I think if you got a flat 4 to hold 30,000 rpms then porsche or ferrari would be calling you ;)

was there a dramatic temp change in the past few days?

i know when i travel (ohio to florida) the car runs like crap when it gets in the different climate.

what variables changed on the car?

did you do a oil change?
different gas?
different octane of gas?
gas cap tight?
loose hose?

sometimes a vacum leak or a failing sensor could cause the car to idle higher.

Is the car stock?

my cougar used to do the same thing when it got i had to be one of those people riding their brakes going down the road to keep the car from accelarting to over 50mph in a 25 zone.

hope some of this helps.

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On my mom's 1.6l sohc civic, there's a similar problem.
I start the engine when it's cold.
The rpms go to about 2300 rpm. It starts to drop
slowly a couple hundred rpms. then after about 15 seconds,
the rpms drop really fast another 500 rpm and just as quicly shoots up another 500 rpm. going back and forth for about a minute and then slowly settles at a steady 1500 rpm or so.
i think it maybe the EGR valve, but i'm not sure. it's been like the for over a year at least. when the engine is warm, it just stays at a steady 1500 when the engine is started.
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