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PP6, ignition coil and a way to prevent it from frying

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for those of you with AVO kits or PP6 installed on your car there is
the dreaded ON position that will fry your ignition coil. My brother
is an electric engineer and is in the process of making a proudct
that splices into a wire or two for my car that won't fry the coil.
Basically it tells the car to not send a signal to the coil if the car
isn't on in dummy terms. When he explains it, it sounds like it works
so he's going to try it on my car. He said he'd buy me a new coil if
it poped so I said what the hell.

I'll tell you guys how it worked out when it's on.
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There is the old way (coil frying) and the new way (no coil frying) of wiring the PP6 up.

They are completely different and use different global settings. But I only have the old style instructions. Rallitek has the new info.
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