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Hey everyone im new to this forum and i have a few questions,
1) I was wondering how hard it would be to convert my 1996 impreza 2dr. motor, with a 2.2 Legacy turbo motor? Has anyone on this forum done this? How hard is the wiring? I know i have to have the turbo legacy crossmemeber because of the exhaust piping.
2) Anyone know what the cost factor would be, ive heard a lot of diffrent stories ranging from 3k stock turbo motor swap to 20k bulit everything......Anyone help on this topic?
3) Is there a easier motor to do the swap with such as the EJ20TT or the EJ20T? I kinda like the TT idea but on a 4 cyl. seems kinda funny.
4) Are there any major custom work that needs to be done to the car such as, driveshafts, steering colums, motor mounts?
Well that was my offical first post, i hope i get a lot fo response, im really anxious to get started on my project. Please help me if you can, thats a lot!
One more thing........ Im located in the Eastern part of Virginia so if anyone wants to stop by and check out the process if it goes underway, im more than happy to let you!
Thanks Again
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