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ok, well 7 grand came in the mail today for ME :happynow: :D so I am looking at my options for my car. Well I plan on putting in a self spec'd turbo kit in soon(actually march 17th). With the rest of the cash I was thinking about seats and cobb BIG breaks. Can you guys post pictures of you aftermarket seats? I need to look and and decide :drool:

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I got the seats used for $650/pair, they came with a bunch of the aluminum side brackets, from a guy with an E36M3 racecar. They are really too big for me (EVOIIs), but just fine for farting around on the street with.

The bases cost ALOT to get here. They are made by BRIDE, and I had them shipped here through a friend's friend's shop in Japan. The bases themselves were only a couole hundred, but the shipping cost me almost that much over again, due to bad communication.

Then, I had to do some cutting welding on the bases to spread the uprights to fit the EVO IIs. The Uprights on the bases/sliders now are actually a set of MOMO steel sidemounts, welded to the BRIDE sliders.

I have about $500 alone into the bases, but they are rock solid and slide fore and aft with NO, NONE, NADA slop. Slop is bad bad bad. Ask anybody who has a set of the W3dge Engineering brackets (I have one collecting dust in my garage).

also, the EVO IIs are wide, and when centered nicely, the outside shoulder wing contacts the door trim, and requires a firm door closing.


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DrNick, to do your turbo setup right you will need every penny of the 7 grand for that. Don't cut corners so you can have spiffy seats, those will come in time...;)

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Heres a link to my car, If your on the I-Club you've probably already seen it. Additions for this year will include
-Sparco Torinos
-Sparco 383 suede steering wheel
-Sparco pedals
-OZ rims
-STI 4 pot brake kit
-MRT front and rear slotted rotors
-Borla headers
-Rear spatz
-Greddy front lip
-And some new Alpine amps to replace the old ones
This is starting to get way too out of control, someone stop me please!
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