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2006 2.5i impreza Wagon Black
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Hey guys, havn;t looked into or thought to much it but i did notice a 2002 wrx wagon (133K miles) for 8,000, new brakes and clutch, some rust on door (fixable), aswell as some cracks and chips in the paint on the hood and front bumper. Just wondering what peoples thoughts are on a trade between my 06 2.5i (110K miles) for the 2002 wrx (133K miles). the trade would probably cost nothing to me other then a new paint job down the road. More horses, better interior, worse gas milage, worse paint. Not looking at it to seriously because i figure a NA engine will last alot longer then the turbo'd engine.

99 rustbox
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do you want:
more space?
more turbo?
more hp?
more potential?
risk of shady history
more cost to repair

more reliability
more cash in pocket due to insurance
registering and going through with the process $$$
more practical
better gas
you know the history of the car
less moving parts

its up to you, but honestly... If i were in your shoes i would trade in that 2.5i and go for a newer WRX/STi. Those havent been beaten on as much (due to lower mileage) or because they are new! So really just do some pro's and con's and see what you think. Boost is always nice to have, but is that REALLY what you need in your life?

**done acting like a life coach, that im not qualified to be**
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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