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possible meet Apr. 13

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I was chatting with a GC8 owner this past weekend about putting together a meet.
How about saturday april 13?
I'll just post it here at the RS club to keep it mostly an RS meet.
If anybody has any suggestions for locations, that would be great. Please post here if interested.


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I'm up for it.... let's go to Ocotillo!

*Addicted to Dirt*
Wait a min.... Isn't the 13th the Long Beach deal?
Anyways.... Ocotillo is fun and you should give it a chance. You should just dismiss and idea that you've never tried. Its dirt, fun, and partying... a perfect combination!
But, I'd totally be up for a drive in Temecula... it's mega close to my house.
*Addicted to ~all~ Dirt*


Now we're talkin'!

1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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