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Keep the side skirts on gravel car?

  • Keep 'em- They protect the rocker and look better too.

    Votes: 13 61.9%
  • Chuck 'em- They just get ripped off anyway!

    Votes: 8 38.1%
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So, I need to get a little rust and dent repaired, then it's off to the paint shop for a re-spray.

I'm thinking of leaving off the skirts. I'm on the second set, since my car sees alot of gravel/dirt road use they just get beat to hell. But on the other hand, after taking the one side off the rocker panel looks to be in good shape save for where the paint is scratched where the little rubber gaskets from the sideskirt rubs.

To Skirt:

Or not to Skirt (ignore tape I put over the holes temporarily):

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no skirt. mainly cause you should sell them to some poor soul that didn't get them from the factory
I'll buy them if they are a decent price!!!.....I need some for my OBS since I have the ver6 front bumper, I have been wanting some for awhile now.

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i love that idea.. rhino line.. keep unpainted.. and protect them... i mean the big thing that happens they get ripped off right.. so you have to worry about that causing damage too...
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