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poll: how far off is your tach.

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well there isnt much activity in the forums right now....and i was just wondering how inaccurate other RSs owners tachs are. i dont get fuel cut off in my new Rs untill an indicated 6400rpm. ive always heard about tachs being inaccurate in stock cars, and this is the first car ive owned that has lived up to that reputation. anyone else? i know this is pointless, but livening up the forums with pointless threads wont hurt anybody. :D
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i think my needle read about 6400 rpm when i bounced the limiter as well.
It seems like mine is at 6500RPMs. ?? It moves so fast bouncing off it I cant tell, but im guessing 6500.
mine appears to be around the said factory setting of 6,250.
Well, since the addition of spicy cams, headers, brullen cat-back, UD pulley, etc, I've become intimately familiar with my rev-limiter in 1st through 3rd, and mine is at 6500 according to the tach.
my car is stock, and i get cut at 6250....just a lil beyond redline and then the car slows way the hell down
from what I hear...although the visible redline is at 6250, the fuel cut-off is at 6,400 RPM.

and the actual engine redline is more like 6,700 RPM
my fuel cuts off right excatly where the redlines start...what is that? haha

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