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Polishing IC

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Hi guys. I want to polish my ludespeed stage III ic. anyone know the proper tools/techniques to do this?

I started it using a dremel and their metal polish compound. It will take FOREVER that way though!

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You're pretty eager to get your ass handed to you, aren't you? ;)
sweet. u need to show me sometime
looks good.

back to my problem now tho,

my IC was used, and has lots of scratches on it. and a result, when i polish, those scratches are still there. any way to get rid of them? i also have all this bumpy crud along the edges where the pieces were welded. need to get rid of those too...

otherwise, that mothers stuff works really good. the parts that were clean to begin with, look really good!

thanks guys.
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1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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