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Playing in the snow.

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Here's a pic of what happens when you have too much speed and not enough room to make the powerslide.:eek: Oh well it happens:happynow:


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Here's a closer pic.


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Ouch!:curse: That came apart like it was plastic or something.

Nick C.
Ouch. I hope there isn't anything else damaged.

I went driving up in the mountains yesterday with my balding RE-92s in a snowstorm. Those tires really weren't helping much. Even with AWD I really need a set of snow tires. The RE-92s are fun when there isn't anything solid to run into, just because they slide pretty easily.

I saw something like 10 cars stuck in ditches on the side of the road. It is amazing how people who live in Colorado can't figure out how to drive in the snow. I even saw a RWD minivan with street tires trying to get up a steep snowy mountain road. They just stopped and started sliding sideways with the rear tires spinning...
sorry to hear about that that happend in my last car but atleast you can say that you have snow to play in and im still waiting for that day to come!:curse:
Thankfully nothing else was damaged. I found a wheel off a wrecked RS at an auto recycler to replace that one. It is pretty expensive to buy new OEM wheels.
Wow, those pictures nearly brought tears to my eyes. Painful!
i had a similar experience on a gravel road with curbs. along with the screwed up rim, i put about 4 degrees of positive camber into it as well. 1500 bucks later, and now she's all better. be thankful you got away with just a busted up rim.:)

i think i might have you beat when i get my pics on here!
ouch, that looks painful, but at least you have snow to play in.
how fast do you think you were going? i've slid into a curb sideways having some fun but got away with some curb rash nothing that bad..
ouch, that looks painful, but at least you have snow to play in.
yeah, like 2 years ago :lol:

i once slid into a ditch on the outside of a gravel road and actually got grass stuck between the rim and the bead :eek:
at least you didn't get a flat, that would've made it suck even more. nothin like bare fingers and frigid ass lug nuts.

You don't want to end up like me, first I had the stock tires on and slide into a crub cause they had no grip and the hit, and the landing took out both tires on the left side. Car was gone for a month and half got it back, then drving back from the gym I hit a big pothole (felt like a ditch to me) and both tires went out on the right side. Both rims cracked and rubber completely off the rim in the back. Those stock tires suck, start huntin for some REAL tyers and rims and put them on there. I got 4 tries and rims and an upgrade to 17" from 16" for like 1100. I got the hook up on the tires from a friend of mine at NTB. I got the rims from Prodrive P7's for 189. The price dropped on them so I snatched them up. I really like them alot.
I'm sure the rims have already been replaced. Look at the date the thread was posted.

Nick C.


I haven't been on here in a while.
so what's the car look like now OP?
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