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I have a STi 05
planning to swap STi '05 to GC 4 door '99.

Because I'm planning to ship the parts to Greece I need to know what I have to swap exactly.

Guys need to know the following :

A friend told me that the STis are larger.
I don't know if the rear, front lower arms make it larger or something else ?

1. What about the rear Susp crossmemberis, is the same in GC model ?
because mine is damaged. Do i need to buy a new one ?

2. Need to transfer also the Subframe ? The control arms fit without modification ?

3. What i have to do with the suspension ? Take coilovers for STi 05 since I have the hubs and replace only the tophats ?

the tophats are different between the 4 door and the RS 2 door ?
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