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got my borescope/pen caamera today. Wanted to put it ito my RSti to find out what pistons were in there. Had the car for less than 4 months and was running 10lbs of boost with a rich tune. Was told that the rs internals could only handle 6-8lbs of boost before taking a dump. These are def not sti idea what they are. Anyone seen these pistons before? Seem to handle the power im running through them very nicely. With the vishnu turbo kit, I have had no problems. Thing boost like crazy and holds together great. Headgasket is perfect even after all the ripping I do on the car. I have searched and searched cant find anything even close to these pistons except for pistons that subaru made in the 70s. Any thoughts?

Thanks everyone.


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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