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I want to make my foglight switch act independently from the headlights so I need to find out which wire is the power wire. I will use the lighter power as the source so I can use my fogs whenever I want.

Additionaly, since I haven't put the lights in yet and my car didn't have any from the start, what are the colors for the lights at the harness in the bumper? Yes, I like to go through alot of trouble just to use a $30 OEM switch I bought at the dealer.

Thanks for any info.

Interesting. According to that, the fog light switch has 6 wires. According to my car, it's only got 5.

From what I remember, the plug has the wires arranged in a backwards C shape (looking at the back of the switch). The bottom left is ground, the next one up is the high-beam switch (make the switch see ground only to keep the high beams from screwing with you). Then there's a dashboard illumination wire, then there's the top two wires. One goes out to the relay, one comes in providing the power. The power wire on my '01 RS was a Blue/White wire. The output to the relay was Black/White. The dashboard illumination wire was White/Yellow. The two ground wires were Yellow/Blue.

But I believe that's not all you're going to have to do. IIRC you'll need to tap a power wire to the fog light relay as well. Look for the two round relays on the side of the fuse panel. The top one on my car was pink, and controlled the fog lights. There is a Blue/White wire going into it that is only energized when the headlights are on. That needs to get fixed.

Find your ignition-controlled power supply, and connect it to the Bl/Wh wires going into the relay and the switch. Cap off the wire stubs to prevent electrical shorts. On the switch, cut the Y/Bl wire that switches from gnd to +12v, and ground the switch. Cap the wire off as well.
Make sure your power source isn't connected to the dashboard illumination in any way, or you'll end up with fog lights that turn off when you dim the interior lights.

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>Interesting. According to that, the fog light switch has 6 wires. According to my car, it's only got 5.

There are 6 spots but if you count the wires there are only 5 going to the plug.
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