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I have seen some threads about polishes and what they look like. Well, I decided to try out the Blackfire polish set. I posted some quick pics that I took right when I got the car home (well after a wash, too). These are the "homeX.jpg" pictures.

A while later I put the Blackfire products on. I did the whole thing: wash with dawn, wash with Blackfire car shampoo, Blackfire polish, and Blackfire protectant. As usual, the scans don't show off the shine nearly as well as it is. The car is so shiny it's amazing. I think the best one is waxed3 since you can see the "wet" shine in the wing and on the roof.

For the last month, I wash the car with the Blackfire shampoo and then finish off the wash with the Gloss Enhancing Spray. The car is just as shiney after that as it was after the wax. Sometimes, I am still amazed at the shine.

It also protects really well as the recent rain down here tested out.

Okay... so all this polish stuff just gave me an excuse to finally post pictures of my stock car. Hopefully, when I get more done with it, I'll put some effort into the site and have it looking good. I'll try to get some of the "blue" looking shots of my black car, too. It's an awesome color!

My scooby photo album!
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