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Pedal install...

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What a hassle! Put in the sti replica pedals. The brake and clutch are a piece of cake... The accelerator is a different story! Trying to get the screw through the pivot pin is a nightmare. Not enought room because it can only go through one way. Then the hole on the other side didn't match up...

Long story short, it took a pair of pliers (to bend tabs), a dremel (to enlarge the hole), and removing the gas pedal.

They work and look great though. Heel Toe has never been as easy.

Thanks to Peaty for the instructions for taking the pedal out. ;)

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I must have lucked out. I heard all these nightmares about the STi gas pedal (when I had them) I got the long screw to go through the first time. I'm sure it was just luck though, after all the trouble I've had with doing some things it was bound to happen one day.

Glad the instructions on removal helped though...
Yup, they helped. The only thing that was more frustrating was trying to get all of the Cobb intake into the car with the MAF adapter!:run: :whine: :yikes:
Anyone come up with an ingenious method of mounting the dead pedal?
Mine came with no dead pedal...
I didn't have TOO much trouble with the gas pedal. yes, getting the pin all the way through was nasty. took about 20 minutes.

for the deadpedal, I'm gonna use the RHD mounting plate, minus the riser.. I gotta get those suckers apart...
I'm not too worried about the dead pedal. I have a plastic one that works okay. The pedals were mainly because they were a cheap way to make heel-toeing easy.
My STI set did not come with the long screw for the gas pedal :curse: Does anyone know what size that screw is. I'm really tired of trying to deal with TRI to get one sent out. :boxer:
It would most likely need to be fabricated. It's not a standard screw.

Try contacting henry at Revolutions Motorsports. He sells replica sets. Maybe he can get his hand on an extra.;)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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