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Well, I have never made a post about it, so here is my beast. There is a long back story to it, but that is for another time…

2.5l USDM shortblock, JDM version6 STI 2.0l heads, and intake manifold.
ASI Turbo Inlet
Apexi Power Intake
Tial BOV
Invidia Bellmouth DP
HKS Carbon Ti exhaust/muffler
Kartboy exhaust hangers
Custom parallel rail setup
STI injectors 550cc
Aeromotive FPR
Walbro 255lh pump
STI Radiator
Custom dual catch can setup
Buddy Club regulator/ grounding kit.

JDM Version6 STI Type RA 5 speed with R160
ACT Clutch/Flywheel
Kartboy Short throw

Apexi PowerFC (version 6 sti) w/ Commander
FC Datalogit
Innovate LC-1 Wideband
Blitz EBC

Tein Coilovers
WRX TR 17” wheels
Subaru 4pot front / WRX rear brakes
Goodrich lines
Super Blue fluid

Version6 front lip
Version6 Grill
Ebay Fog covers

EVO8 Recaros on custom low sliders
STI black floor mats
STI piston knob
DEFI Boost, EGT, Oil pressure gauges with link controller
Innovate XD-16 wideband gauge
PowerFC commander (used mainly as knock sensor)
Blitz EBC display
Greddy Turbo Timer (never even turn it on… I don’t even think it has power going to it)
HalGaurd Clean Agent Fire extinguisher

Coming soon:
SMC Meth Kit!

We have been getting some good road tuning done, and the car pulls so hard! I can’t wait to get the meth and see what it can do. Since it has the 2.5 block with 2.0 heads, it makes for slightly higher compression, so the vf39 spools super quick, and makes plenty of grunt for the motor. I am curious to get it on the dyno, but I am guessing it is near 300whp now. From what I have read, with some good tuning and the meth, it should be right around 300 whp, and 400 lb ft is not impossible.

In the future I want to do more body work, and eventually get a built gearbox. Plus all the other little trinkets you find along the way… Oh and I need some nice wheels and tires asap!

I want to thank my good buddy Tyler (smoby on nasioc) for all his help and contribution to the project.
Plus tuning the Frankenstein!

Be on the lookout for some dyno numbers.

In the Beginning:

And how she sits now:


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well, i lost my camera so no pics quite yet... but there may be some tonight, maybe even a video if i can manage, but here is the scoop:

SMC Meth injection is installed and working great! it makes such a huge difference, especially using west coast 91 oct... the boost is now set at 19psi and the car pulls so hard... it gets going 100 so fast (on a closed road of course), i am really curious to see what she could do in a quarter mile....

also got a new windshield witch now makes me nice and 100% legal...

and i picked up a nice set of Rota Torques in gunmetal with some new falken tires... and they are also great. i wish i had a camera to take some pics...

next on the list is sending the coilovers out for a rebuild before the fall track season comes around, and getting the fenders rolled for a slight rub issue, especially if i go lower for the track....

i will try and get some pics up asap...

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Bout time you made a Journal! You should make one for the Back story, but that would be a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG one! :D
Nice front lip. :p
haha, yeah really long and unless i used some creative writing techniques, i would probably sound like a serious dumbass... but at least it has a happy ending...

its funny, the lip sat in the corner of my room forever, and i almost forgot about it.

thanks for the comments...
i have a short video of getting on it, but it wasn't working, but i will see if i can get it to...


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i usually shift around the upper part of 6500, but sometimes, in first and second i was going over, so it is set at 7000....
we are still kind of unsure how high it could be set. it still feels like it is pulling good at 7, but i feel like it likes to be shifted around that 6500 mark... maybe it could be bumped up just a tad...
i really want to come down to get on a dyno just to see what it is...

how did you go about corner balancing your car? did you rent some scales or is there some place to do it?

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There's a few places in town that have scales and the know-how to do it, but it may cost a few bucks to get it done right, it's kinda time consuming (think the better part of a day).
I did it at Victor's Shop (Miniworks/Poleposition), But he doesn't really run the shop anymore, mostly online sales now. :(

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just a couple more pics...
car is running great. need to do some more tuning but it runs nice and rich for now so....
i am thinking of getting rid of the coilovers for a more street friendly strut spring package, but it has also crossed my mind to gut it and make it more of a designated track car and drive a geo as a i just dont know... i know that it is almost freezing out and she is gonna take me to work this morning :D

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