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Which seat rail has the release for the seat to slide when the back is set forward?

When I got my car it had some 'modified' rails in it, so I had to buy a new set from a junkyard to make them not wobble around. But the set I got was out of a sedan, so they didn't have the release for the seat back cable to attach to. Basically, to get in the back seat you need to manually slide it forward, then tilt the seat forward, then reverse all that. I'm finally going to get the proper seat rail, but I forgot which one I need to order. I want to say it was the inside rail, but wanted to double check before I bought one.

Semi-related: What, if any, fix is there for a squeaky passenger seat. Just squeaks as I drive along for a bit, when no one is in it. I've seen it mentioned before, but didn't notice any particular fix discussed.

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