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I've been looking for a while to raise a bit my OBS. Snow, camping, and my bad habit of getting stuck on roads not designed for the car I usualy drive on :)

Amongst the options I got from the most popular seems to be using Forester struts. They give a 1 or 1.5 inch raise, however what scared me off is that it's not a direct fit AND that a substantial raise puts stress on the suspension components resulting in premature failure. Plus, a 2" raised impreza looks kind of funny :)

The compromise I found came from Paranoid Fabrications. He sells a very sophisticatedly named gizmo called Saggy Butt Spacer - basically a 1/2" HDPE spacer, to be put in between in between the top hat and the body. I got 4 of them, and got them installed today at a garage. They fit perfectly, and the original studs were used to attach the top hat. The only issue was that in the rear, the OEM studs were a notch too short, leaving part of the bolt unfilled. Will see how much of an issue it will be...

To conclude: affordable, professionally and perfectly made 1/2" raise, exactly what I was looking for. Typical disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with Paranoid in any way, and didn't get anything for free, so no bias from my side except for being satisfied by the product.


Front strut mount:

Rear strut mount (notice the bolt being too short for the nut)

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i ordered the rear cause my butt was sagging.. and when i received it they sent me two different spacers.. when i emailed them back they sent me the correct spacer with no charge.. great customer services two thumps up for paranoid fab..

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If you think putting Forester struts or causes stress look at what you are doing. The entire weight of the car is put on six pieces of HDPE. The strut top is ment to fit entirely on the surface because that hold the weight of the car. The nuts on only keep it from falling out at full droop. The studs keep the position. By doing this the shear force is alot higher on those small studs. I know others have done this too but I wouldnt. Especialy knowing how small those studs are.

In addition to the rear mounts dont even have nuts on the locked part of the nut.

Do it the right way and put the forester struts on. The impreza and forester have the same chassis so the forester is the same.

The only other right way is to make a plate to cover the entire surface of the strut mount so you dont run into what you have now.

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