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Painting my helmet?

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Ok well I got bored the other day and ripped all the decals that came with my helmet. Its two tone now, and I want to make it one color. So anywhere can I get this done, cheaply, or how can I do it myself? I'm an idot when it comes to painting.
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Go to Home Depot, get a roll of masking tape, and a can of Rustolium or Krylon in your favorite color. Paint away.

Oh, but if you don't want it to come off easily, I'd suggest also getting some glass-like sandpaper (or steel wool, but if you do that, get a tacky cloth and make sure all of the steel is removed) to break the gloss.
Faraz, I'd check with the helmet manufacturer before you get too paint-happy, as some helmets come with warnings that specifically tell you not to apply any paint or adhesives. My understanding is that the chemicals in paint (or sticker adhesive) can work to weaken the shell of the helmet, thus reducing its protective value in an accident.

Might be worth looking in to, anyways. Personally, I'd rather have an ugly helmet that works...
I use the helmet for auto-xing not moto. so I'm not ever worried about having to use it in that way. I'm just worried I'll mess it up doing it the sandpaper and kryon way.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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