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On 11/7, you contacted me about swapping your mounting points on your GC coilovers to adapt to your new 04 Forester.


I ordered coilovers (RS25 93-01 Subaru Impreza Coilover Promo - C57 / 5x100 / Camber Adjustment) from your company around 18 months ago. I received them in a timely fashion and everything looks great but I never got the chance to install them on my Impreza before the engine went.

I have junked the Impreza and now have a 2004 Forester XT. Could you please suggest the best way to adapt my unused coilovers to my new 2004 Forest XT setup?

Thank You

We went back and forth over email after some lag of your emails going to the junk folder. It took me a while to get them produced and ready to ship, and it got swept under the rug while I plowed through pending orders. I dropped the ball on getting them out right away.

I sent you (2) Front and (2) Rear camber plates and asked for a $200 core charge ($100/ pair) just to cover not getting them back. You specified just rears, but I sent you all four corners to ensure you'd have everything you'd need just in case.

In good faith, I went ahead and shipped the camber plates WITHOUT PAYMENT thinking, "I'm sure he's good for it."

UPS 1ZHT811C0300336072

I've sent the invoice 4 times and I can see it was received and then opened. I've emailed several times and haven't had a response in a month.

This is why, when someone asks for a favor like this, I am hesitant.

All I'm asking for is the camber plates that you said you'd send back. Or, if you want to keep them, fine just compensate me.

I know it took a while to get them to you, but I came through...ignoring me on principle or whatever is going on in your mind (I wouldn't know, you've ghosted me).

Return the parts in 48 hours, or you won't have a warranty or future support of any kind. I have emailed you with the same condition that I can only imagine will also be ignored.

I don't know what else to do. I'm not a charity, sure it's $200, but it's still a financial loss. I just want my parts back that you didn't need and didn't pay for. That's all.

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