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So I have everything hooked up but pull a P0107 which is

P0107 Manifold Pressure Sensor Circuit Malfunction (Low Input)
P0107 Pressure sensor circuit low input

I'm guessing that it has something to do with my MAP sensor?
or do I just have to increase the input/output in one of the maps on the EMU?

When I connect things back to stock the car will run fine, even without an ecu reset. Also I don't know if that cel has anything to do with it but my idle will bounce up 300rpm and drop over and over again like the IAC is messed up or something. Again when connected back to stock it runs fine.

Any suggestions?

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Did you update to the latest firmware ? (v2.20)
Solved a "P1112 atmospheric pressure sensor range/performance" for me.
This sensor (mounted on the left side strut tower) is not used by the EMU,
turned out to be a problem with MAP signal not being replicated with the
engine off.

What settings are you using ? Your car is.... ?
Verified the wiring ?
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