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2004 Forester XT
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I bought this as my drift project but I could use a daily driver instead so putting this up as a feeler

Up for sale is a bone stock 240sx.

It's been used as a daily driver by 2 older gentlemen for the last 22 years until I picked it up a couple months ago.
Everything in the car works. It runs and drives like a champ. It's in great mechanical condition.
245k miles on the chassis, 125k on the engine
The exterior needs some love.
The interior is 8/10 condition.

The car needs the following:
- could use new fenders. They're pretty beat up.
- general body work. The clear coat is peeling/fading. The car has surface rust on the rocker panels (typical stuff) but everything can be sanded down and easily fixed.
- the driver seat is torn. Interior is in great condition otherwise.
- the pop up light stays popped up.
- the hood release lever is gone (common problem) but the hood will open.

Mainly looking to trade for an Outback Sport for straight trade. 5 speed only.
If someone wants to buy it I'd take $2200. Not much room for negotiation.

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