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Opinions: 2.5 vs. 2.2

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I'm a 2001 Miata owner and currently in the market for an Impreza and have test driven the 2002 WRX, 2.5RS and a 99 2.5RS. I have to say, they are all extremely fun! I preferred the 99RS the most even though the WRX 227hp was fantastic!

I love that AWD handling. The Impreza is such a solid construction from the sound of that boxer engine to the feel of the steering wheel. This car begs to be tossed around! I can't believe I've just discovered this car.

I haven't had the chance, or even found, a 98-01 2.2 L model locally yet. I'm curious to how it compares to the larger, more sporty engines. The price for the 2.2 are more what I'm looking for (around $10k), but if it doesn't feel like the 2.5 then I'll gladly shell out the cash for an RS. Anyone have any comparisons/opinions that could help?
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holy crap it is its from when you were a noob haha
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