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On MRT website

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The twin turbo H-6
Apologies if this is old news.
This is a forward from the STi-Mlist.

Found on the MRT website:

STi V5
Stroked 3.2ltr H6 with twin garrett GT series turbos with Tial 60mm w/gates
Custom forged pistons, rods, extractors
Custom Head studs, crank & closed deck block
Holinger Dogbox inc f & r LSD
Motec M8
Custom FMIC
Custom Fuel system complete
Ohlin 46 HRC Coils Overs with custom billet control arms and modified suspension pick ups
Seam welded body inc integral Alloy full cage
AP RAcing 6 spot Front & 4 spot rear brakes
Jun profile camshafts
Custom Jun Valves & springs
Well over $100k in modifications resulting in 660kw on engine dyno. Exceptionally engineered in completely in Japan and imported once complete
$80,000 - No time wasters or tyre kickers please
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wow.. :O

That's a friggen beast!

I didn't think that was possible..
So where's the URL, I can't find it anywhere... :(
I found that yesterday in their Classifieds..Sunnys25, I take it your on the STiMailing list, thats where I posted it..I also asked the guy for pictures...
Yep in my post I mentioned it was a forward from the M-list.
Post pictures if you get them. but it seems
like the person really only wants serious buyers to
contact him.
Well, on another note, it looks like the H6 will fit the standard RS body! :biggest:

Too bad the guy won't post pictures.
now we have a choice of engines to twin turbo.
the regular 2.5 (like Peaty's) and theres the
3.0 H6.

talk about crazy torque!
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