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OIL LEAK!! EASY to FIX!! NEEDS a GASKEt, But what is the name of this gasket??

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Whats up brothers!!

Um Well small leak on the very front of the motor..
UNDER the crank pulley and where the cam gears are hidden buy a huge plastic cover!!! What gasket is that called. ( cam cover gasket??) Has anyone ever done that gasket them selfs?? I work at a dealer but the techs want a 100 buck -200 bucks F THAT!! I can get a steal on parts but F my work FOR LABOR cost!!!!!!!! :curse:

Help me out PIPERCUB>?? DO u know??
Any one out their try in to help a brother out???:
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prolly gonna be the crank seal or front main, i relaly doubt it's the oil pump housing leaking.
Yea its a cam seal or crank seal U r right. My tech pther master tech will do it for 100 bucks!!

100 bucks is worth that job!!:cool:

Imprezawd said:

100 bucks is worth that job!!:cool:

Damn straight! I just did mine last week.
that would be your crank oil seal. I can garantee you that the dealer is not going to charge you 200 bux to change it, cause well I use to work for subaru.

you have to tear off the entire front of the motor, belts pullyes, front plastic cover, crank pully timing belt....its a big job.

if someone will do it for a 100 bux your a better man then me.

what kind of car do you have? how many miles, dohc or sohc, dohc suck especially lining the timing pulleys back and the belt....

I work At A Subaru Deal;er too!!

Hey buddy,
I work at a Suby Dealer. And i have a tech willing to do it for that much. I give him all my new car accesories install so he said he will do that!!

He is a Master tech also!!

I have a 99 rs and it has 37 k on it. car sits a little as well i dont knw if that has anything to do with it??
Very common on a ej25 motor!!
hehe richie then your getting a great deal! more power to ya :D

everything fixed

Well everything was sucessfully done and runs great!!
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