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Subaru Pic of the month Contest

(Rep Your Crew)

Submit a picture of you and your friends with subarus. Maybe your local subaru club or just a picture of you hard parking with some friends. Group shots with your rally buddies.

Okay, so I hope everyone is clear on the rules. You have 2 weeks from today to submit your pictures.

This months theme is Rep Your Crew

Good luck!

Also, read the rules they are posted down here VVVVV


  1. Anyone can enter!
  2. Anyone submitting a photo needs to have a member’s journal, and it must be visible in their post. We will not search for a member’s journal.
  3. Car in photo must be your car.
  4. Car in photo must be your current car, please do not post photos of a car you no longer own.
  5. Your photo can be taken by a professional but credit for it must be given.
  6. Any photos not related to the theme will not be looked at.
  7. Photos must be in by the deadline, any late entrees will not be looked at.
  8. The deadline is the 15th of each month at 8:00P.M. EST.
  9. Any illegal activities taking place in the photo will be disqualified.
  10. This contest is for FUN, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it. This isn't the heated debate thread.
  11. If you have an issue with the contest please post in the Rules and Index thread here. -Official Car of the Month Contest- Rules and index
  12. Voting for the semi final twelve will be done by Ishoulda with the assistance of the mod team.
  13. Ishoulda will not participate in the contest due to obvious reasons.
  14. Please post only one photo entree, if multiple entrees are posted only the first photo will be judged, the rest will not be looked at.
  15. You are allowed to change your photo as many times as you like before the deadline.
  16. Each month the first two weeks are for submissions, one week for remaining twelve voting, and the last week for final three voting.
  17. If a member has won in a previous month they cannot compete again until one year from the month they won.
  18. The winner of each month will be entered in the Car of the Year contest.
  19. The person with the most votes at the end of the month will be asked to fill out a short Q/A form which will be used on the homepage.
  20. Rules can be changed without notice but only after approval from the mod team.


Your car will be featured on the homepage for everyone to see and enjoy!

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I think I've got a good one for this month. I just gotta find my digital camera and hope the pics are still on there and not on the flash drive that got lost.
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