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First off I'm pulling these parts off myself, I have a busy schedule so give me sometime to respond to the thread and pms. The best way to reach me is by pm and I will pm you my phone number.

The front bumper and most of the body panels are destroyed, if I haven't listed them I do not have them. If you need something you don't see on this list please PM me because I may have it.

99 EJ25 120k Good Running Motor will include all accessories and airbox $900 obo.
Harness and Ecu can be included for an additional $200. You can have a fully functional 2.5 swap for $1100.

99 5 Speed Tranny 120k on it. Good shifting condition $500 obo.
Driveshaft, axles and Diff can be included for an additional $250. Fully functional tranny sway for $750.

93-01 Carbon Fiber Hood, Not sure on the brand but it is in good shape, $300 obo.

3 99 Silver 5 spoke wheels, Good condition with minimal rash if any. $100 each.

99 RS Interior Front Seat, Rear, Door cards, and Carpet. $400 obo.

99 RS Front Caliper, Rotors, Pads, Brackets. Very good condition just resurfaced. $100 obo.

99 Rs Gauge Cluster 120k on odometer. $80 obo.

Front Windshield $100 obo.

Roof Panel $100 obo.

Rear Window with Defrost, $100 obo.

Front Door Windows, normal window scratches. $40 Each obo.

Rear Windows $30 Each. obo.

2 Rear Strut Assemblies, $60 obo.

Driver's Side headlight $85 obo.

AC Condenser $40 obo.

ABS Control Unit $100 obo.

Anything else please feel free to pm qu
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