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OBS front brake HELP

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Does the 2K OBS have 1 pot or 2 pot brakes?

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Good question.

I think they are the same setup as the RS models in the front as all the hardware is indentical between the RS and the OBS for the 2000 models.

Their might be a difference though. Argh!

Anyone know the answer to this one definately?

I just found out the following info re:OBS .

The front brakes are single pot.

RS brakes specifically say two piston. 10.1 inches

Cool thing is that the 1997 Legacy GT also has 10.1 dual piston brakes. I got a friend looking for 4 pot brakes for his legacy. Will be buying his stockers from him :D
Hey, guys, the RS and Legacy GT/Outback have 10.7" 2 piston front brakes. The Legacy L might have the 10.7" rotors, too. So, our brakes have smaller rotors and calipers.

Digital, did you ever measure your rear waist spoiler yet?:boxer:

Dsmawd: DOH! :run:

Yes I will get it finished "hopefully" this weekend. The problem with getting it measured is the fact that I have to remove it to do it right, and I just haven't had the time to get it done yet.

Hell, I have my 22b bumper all painted and ready to mount on the car and I haven't had time to do that yet either.

But I'm hoping that this Sunday I'll be able to get some time to handle both of them if not only the back spoiler first since that was promised a while ago.

More to come!

10.7... looks the same after 7 hours at work.. *sigh*:run:

Yeah, Digital, I was just teasing. Plus it was an opportunity to use that cool little boxer smilie. Thanks, all us spoilerless OBS owners appreciate it!

BTW, I have some RS calipers and WRX rotors (11.4") that I will be installing this spring. I will write up a review and post it here when I do. Then I will be doing the rear drum ---> disc upgrade.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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