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OBD-2 log?

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If any of you guys or girls have the obd-2 software I would to get a thread started to compare results so to speak. List what you have on your car and some max #'s, averages, and such.
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I have it...but I haven't tried logging yet...tell me how to set it up, and then I can throw some numbers at ya! :)
Once your plugged in and you connected through the menu. On the data tab there is a "send" button, click it. The program will start collecting data. You can view the live date through the data tab, graph tab, or the gauge tab. Once you have gathered what you think is enough info click the "end" in the menu. A save dialog box should appear. Simply save your log and then you can go back over everything. I usually go for a "spirited" drive. I have driven up to an half hour while live so you can collect a big logs. I like using the data tab during live time. It gives you all the numbers at once. If you click on a certain data line (MAF, IAT, ECT, etc.) on the right you will get more info; like max, min, average, and such.
I haven't seen anything like that on my software...hmmm...

I wonder if maybe I didn't install everything? I mean, the software I have doesn't have really any options, other than to read the codes, diagnositc datam or to clear a code.
This pic sucks, but it's what mine looks like.
crap...I don't have that software at all... know where I could get it?
There was a group buy starting up again on i-club. Try this.
ok, well since I already have the hardware, I just downloaded the software...hopefully it can do everything I need.

I'll try it out this weekend and let you know...
Sorry for being stupid, but I just got my OBD-II in the mail last night, and all it came with was a plug from my ECU outlet to my laptop. This is all that should have come with it right? Should I just download the software from the internet onto a disk and then use that in my laptop? Thanks for any info.

You'll also need the user ID. They probably emailed it to you.

I just used mine for the first time on Monday to get "baseline" data. My full Brullen exhaust :drool: arrives tomorrow (Christmas is really the 27th :D ). I'll do an "after" data run when I get back from the Orange Bowl :biggest:

<singing> It's the most wonderful time of the year </singing>
ylexot - If you can get pics of your Brullen that would be greatly appreciated. I am on the fence between full Borla or Brullen.
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