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i can't seem to find a thread for this. and sorry if i missed it. i'm new to Subi's. been a RWD nissan head my whole life. but now i'm looking to pick up a 2000 2.5RS. only thing is it's autoTRAGIC :/ hawaii doesn't have much to offer but i found a 1996 AWD 2.2 impreza. will this suffice to swap the RS to 5spd? what do i need for the overall 5 speed swap that i can get from the 2.2 and will i need anything else? parts list to do 5 spd swap on an AWD? lmk anyone.

i know it won't help toooooo much but here are the links to CL ads.
Car i'm looking at buying
Parts car

p.s. i wish impreza's were as simple as s13's :D haha

again sorry if i missed it, i been through many searches and pages worth and can't find it. thanks anyone and everyone!
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