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JDM MY94 impreza WRX (4EAT)
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Hello all,
I’d like to install a quick release on my car. Car is a MY94 WRX (came out of factory Sept-93).

Car came stock with a Nardi steering wheel. I really don’t want to mess around with wiring a horn and removing the clockspring caused by a NRG shorthub.

In the pics we can see that the car’s hub seems patterned for Nardi. 6x74mm bolt pattern. Would a NRG slim quick release directly fit on subarus Nardi patterned hub? Or do I absolutely need a shorthub (I am aware slim quickrelease and shorthub are not compatible). If NRG doesn’t work, any other brands out there that would allow for a direct bolt-on on the factory hub?
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thanks for your time, cheers!
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