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where:rockingham nc
when: november 2 2008
why: street wars import drag racing,car show ect ect chilling with lik minded friends

venue: 1/4 mile drag racing also 1/8mile bracket, quick 8 with qualifying
track prep: decent/good today it was low 70deg andthere were a handfull of 9sec/10sec cars out there hooking up well

food: good its a drag way its not the best but 4 a place the prices were reasonable. 5 dollar cheese burgars. decent fixings. a decent size menue as well. hamburgars,hot dogs,french fries,corndogs,pizza,ecfte ct

expect to see. from experiance.. most cars are mid 12-13sec passes. including the na hondas. i was suprised to see hondas making good passes high 9sec -10 all day.(good track prep) a supra did show up and was making low 11 sec high 10 without hitting the box and not lauching off the 2 step.
a few evos all over the with traps and et (very inconsistant) just ur normal showing of drag imports

the november 2nd date is the laste date of the year. cold weather=turbo weather.

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