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2000 2.0 WRB ej207
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Name is David, I live in Norfolk Virginia and frequent the other side of the water. I have only had my subaru for a little over a year now. But my heart has always been in Subarus. I never bought one because I wanted to make sure I did it right when I did.

Honest to goodness, this has been my favorite car to have ever owned....and I have owned some quick cars in the past. Built mazdaspeed protege, integra gsr, s2000, rx8, lexus IS300, and currently have a cobra that is sitting collecting dust (its for sale too lol). I remember growing up, watching the WRC with the original 555 subaru, then switching to the pliades cluster on the side.

Goal for this car is to knock out a couple laps at various tracks and also the strip....and the haters :)

The RS started life as 3 different 2.5rs'. I had a buddy of mine who owns a salvage yard buy three for me at $2500, not bad I thought.

one had a clean bare no wheels chassis (This one I own now), one had an immaculate interior, and the other had 80k miles on the odo....good start in my book.

Before I had even taken deliver of the cars, I had purchase an AIT B-Magic 22b wide body kit, I knew I was going to own this for a while...

and so it begins...

here is a video of it pre swap racing at langley speedway.

the CRX was swapped on dot road racing slicks.


2000 2.0 WRB ej207
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Mods so far:

Stripped and gutted
Tenzo R lightweight aluminum racing bucket seats
TWM short shifter
Sparco racing pedals
Aluminum full control switch panel.
Autometer boost gauge
AEM UEGO wideband feeding into EMS4
Teamtech SFI 6 point drivers harness black
Teamtech SFI 5 point passenger harness purple (The wife's spot :)

Ver. 6 jdm sti ej207 8250rpm
Wiseco 8.5:1 pistons
Eagle H beam rods
ACL bearings
ARP head studs
Tomei timing belt guide
Gates racing timing belt kit
Cosworth head gaskets
STI 11mm oil pump
Killer Bee oil pickup
Cx racing external oil cooler
Ebay headers and uppipe
Forced Performance Red with 8cm housing
Tial 44mm external open dump wastegate
AC delete
PS Delete
Turbo back 2.75" custom exhaust
espiler axel back muffler
sti individual coil packs
12"x32"x3" front mount intercooler
Turbo xs rfl blow off valve
Omni power 3bar map sensor.
Honeywell GT-101 hall effect conversion
MAF delete, run on speed density
Kartboy exhaust hangers

Ver. 6 jdm sti 5speed 4.44 ratio transmission
Ver. 6 jdm sti r160 with Quaiff clutch diff
F1 stage 3 clutch
F1 lightweight flywheel
Stainless braided clutch line

Fuel & Tuning:
AEM EMS4 full stand alone with 96" flying lead harness.
TLF modified 802cc matched subaru sidefeed injectors
Nissan QX56 320lph fuel pump
GD STI fuel pump hanger with in tank baffle modified

Wheels & Tires:
5ZIGEN GN+ 17"x9" wheels
255/40r17 Goodyear Eagle F1 Assymetric 2 tires

Bc coilovers (track, off road excursions)
2.5rs front sway Bar
WRX rear sway bar
H&R 25mm wheel spacers in rear
H&R 15mm wheel spacers front

Ver.6 sti brake front Rotors
Ver.6 sti Brake front Calipers
Goodrich steel braided lines

World Rally Blue paint
AIT Racing 22b widebody kit kept RS spoiler
Side moulding delete
Side marker delete
Convert corner lights to turn signals
stock location turn signal delete (better brake ducting)
Version 6 sti fog covers and fog light delete.

Side shot of the subi, and the other cars im coming from in the past 3 years...I think Im going to keep the subaru for a longgggg time....cant sell it, my wife bought the front mount kit as a wedding day gift :)


2000 2.0 WRB ej207
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i sold the rs motor, typo'd the 9.5 supposed to be 8.5 oops :) not that balsy

2000 2.0 WRB ej207
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here is the subi at the beginning

how much of the wheel well i had to cut off for the rear over fenders quarter panels

what it looks like after you notch and bend up the inner fender and weld to body

front fenders fitted, no holes predrilled when you get them, and ALOT of trimming.

side molding delete, didnt know so many holes would be left when i peeled it off.

front view unpainted quarters

in the paint booth

after paint, with a fat ass :)

another after paint, you can see how much the fenders drown the oem rs wheels.

paints dried, test drive...realize that i need boost, which is why im where i am today.

and yes that is a tube frame rear wheel drive civic in back :)

08 WRX 400bhp clup
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Hey Dave! My name is Jonathan and I'm from NY. I'm so glad I found this page; I saw your post on another thread and luckily I was able to dig up this thread on your widebody conversion. After a whole lot of research of folks doing replica 22b wide quarters and fenders, I have decided to use AIT's fiberglass kit on my project '98 2.5rs coupe, due to the great price, pretty awesome fitment after lots of prep work, and the ability to reuse factory parts. Out of all the ones I've seen so far, yours is my favorite! I have a few questions on how you went about making the fitment seamless:
1: How did you manage to even out the gap between the rear quarter and the doors? I assume you moved the door jamb out but I'm curious about how you went about doing so.
2: Did you use panel bonding adhesive to bond the quarters to the bare metal OEM skins and just forget about using the rivet cutouts?
And 3: You think it would be a good idea to cut out the old quarter skins and just leave a general area to bond the quarters to the skins?
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