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Notice how the I-club has a bunch of "Remember the day?" Threads

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It seems even they are starting to question what's happening over there. A number of the old timers(I don't consider myself an old timer and I'm in the later half of 2K) are starting to rag on the new guys, and vice versa... Then again a lot of the people here at RS25 are I-Clubers of yore...

I think it'll be interesting over the next few months. I think we're going to see a sort of Re-Definition of the I-Club, and it's going to change pretty drasticaly. The community is changing, I just hope it manages to hang on to some of the mystical stuff that made it so great.

I'll also say, I'm real happy with RS25. This community is stablizing, there's noticably fewer of the "Man, I'm glad to be done with the I-club" posts. I like the attitude over here, and I think that the club is going to find a certain maturity soon.(not grown up maturity, more of a well developed type)(like when fertilizer reaches that nice rich smell)(we're just a pile of crap over here!hehehe)

I'm just making an observation here, nothing more. Sorry if this is percieved as another "Man, I'm glad to be done with the I-club" posts.

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Im not quitten on the i-club either,just dont spend as much time there.But lifino is right,there is a large echo you can almost here in the "old school" and "normally aspirated" forums.
But I do have to say that most of the guys who i wanna hang with are over here now.
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