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i have a 93 imprezza with the 1.8 l is it possible to put in nos w/o forged pistons or am i just asking for disaster?????
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thank you eric...i hate when people say i need NOS...i feel like slappin the shit outta them...sorry just a personal beef.

oh yeah it was spelld noss in a article making fun of the wanna be ricer community, saying they all have 9 sec hondas who won't play with 9 sec camaro's ;)
thdragn said:
well I'm sorry for offending you, I meant nitrous i was using NOS as a generic name. excuse me for being so politicaly incorrect, I will clarify myself from now on. And i didns't say i need it, believe the word was want.
i was just messing with you, you didn't offend me i just don't want people to sound stupid, i almost smacked on the of the local guys for saying the word "NOS" in a sentance twice. I was like okay WTF do you want and he finally realized what i was getting at, needless to say i don't think he has said the work "NOS" in front of me. Sorry it's just like a pet peeve, i just like to think people that buy Subaru's are more educated. Don't want em soundin like some run of the mill civic kid.

oh yes on a side note a CRX with nitrous got towed in last night, yeah bottle was empty and mounted behind the passenger seat and the line runs into the spare tire well and stops there, he's got a ZEX sticker right on the side window(not smart) and the bottle in plain sight. He's supposedly been running nitrous for about 6 months and no one would race him cause of if they had ANY clue what they were looking for they would have known he was talking much money wasted on a CRX HF(the really slow one).
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scoobyrs25 said:
Gee, I don't have any oil leak problems with my nitrous?!?!:nuetron:

DAYUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh no he did not....
Only morons are stupid enough to use nitrous!
Is there a hidden meaning behind this?? hehe
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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